April 23, 2024

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 2023 Templar’s Oath Update Patch Notes with Fatima

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile, one of the most popular mobile gaming franchises, continues to captivate players with its thrilling game play and regular updates. Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile, titled “Templar’s Oath,” brings a host of exciting features, improvements, and additions to the game. In this article, we will delve into the patch notes of the Season 6 update, highlighting the key changes and enhancements that players can expect.

1. New Multiplayer Maps

The Templar’s Oath update introduces two exhilarating multiplayer maps to the game: “Castle Stronghold” and “Urban Warfare.” These new maps offer unique settings and layouts, providing players with fresh battlegrounds to engage in intense combat. Castle Stronghold takes players to a medieval fortress with narrow corridors and secret passages, while Urban Warfare immerses them in an urban cityscape fraught with intense firefights.

2. Exciting Game Modes

Season 6 brings two new game modes to Call of Duty Mobile: “Tactical Assault” and “War zone Evolved.” Tactical Assault emphasizes strategic game play and teamwork, requiring players to plan their moves carefully and coordinate with their teammates to achieve victory. War zone Evolved, on the other hand, offers a more chaotic experience, featuring larger maps and a higher player count for adrenaline-pumping battles.

3. Fresh Battle Pass Rewards

The Templar’s Oath update introduces a brand-new Battle Pass with an array of enticing rewards. Players can unlock exclusive characters, weapon blueprints, emotes, sprays, and much more as they progress through the tiers of the Battle Pass. With its thematic medieval-inspired content, the Season 6 Battle Pass promises a visually appealing and rewarding experience for players.

4. Weapon Balancing and Tuning

To ensure a balanced and competitive game play experience, Season 6 brings weapon balancing and tuning adjustments. The developers have carefully analyzed player feedback and game play data to fine-tune weapon performance, addressing any overpowered or underutilized weapons. This effort aims to create a more diverse and engaging meta, allowing players to experiment with various load outs and play styles.

5. Operator Skill Enhancements

Operator skills play a crucial role in Call of Duty Mobile, offering unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. In the Templar’s Oath update, several operator skills receive enhancements and tweaks to improve their effectiveness and overall balance. These adjustments aim to provide players with a wider range of viable options when choosing their preferred operator skill, promoting strategic decision-making during intense engagements.

6. Quality of Life Improvements

Season 6 also introduces various quality-of-life improvements based on player feedback. These enhancements include optimized matchmaking algorithms, refined hit registration, reduced network latency, and improved overall game stability. By addressing these critical areas, the developers strive to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.


The Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Templar’s Oath update brings an exciting array of content and improvements to the game. With new multiplayer maps, thrilling game modes, enticing Battle Pass rewards, weapon balancing, Operator Skill enhancements, and quality of life improvements, players can expect a fresh and captivating experience. Dive into the intense battles, strategize with your team, and emerge victorious in the ever-evolving world of Call of Duty Mobile.