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DOODLE ARMY 2 MINI MILITIA GAME review FOR ANDROID Good day steemians, Today we’re going to do a game review on Doodle army 2 mini militia. In case you missed my last post were I shared a game review on Dead ninja mortal Shadow you can still check it out here Doodle army mini militia game is an action game with most hilarious things on it that can equally get one to droll about the game and it’s amusing part which as well means that it’s also a humorous funny game that also makes one feel excited when playing it.

multiplayer Game &DOODLE ARMY 2

There are lots more of weapons there too. And lastly the quick play mode that involves fighting online with highest members that can literally be up to 14 players all at once and that part also made the game to be more fun whereby everyone will be going all Around and shooting themselves so yea! The gameplay is quite intense and fun.

Graphic sound

DOODLE ARMY 2 Everything about it’s graphic were some kind of good but readily speaking the good aspect of the game is better off than the bad aspect which eventually made it have a high resonance in the visual part of it. So in overall the graphics of the game has it’s awesomeness clarified mainly on the brightness which allows you see Things perfectly in a normal mode of it but combined with the rest of the game, you wouldn’t have any complaints as you do have impeccably.

So that’s it about the graphics. SOUND The sound of doodle army mini militia game plays very much in a funny way that can equally get you been delighted about the game and it has this sound that it makes whenever it gets killed by other players and this sound is actually the funny part of the game I’m taking about whereby when he gets killed you’ll hear a funny sound like ahh!- ahh

Game play  it’s been stated to be and it is also programmed in an appropriate way making the the gameplay look more effective to play. So the game is actually a multiplayer combat game that ultimately involves so many players and to Best part of it was to be that it’s players all come online to play the game or maybe could be from the system but that’s it.

The Doodle army mini militia game is been offered and developed by appsomniacs and there again it is rated under a content rating of 12+ because everything about the game both the graphical aspect and the way it’s been played were mainly meant for minor people which as well is like having a game for kids with it’s funny parts that can make one feel so excited when playing the game but at times it could get one been exasperated most especially on the gameplay. So there on the game it has this features explosive online and local multiplayer warfare!


GRAPHICS Graphically, the graphics of doodle army militia game is kind of a good and bad because there are at some extent you’ll get to on the game then it’ll feel way more better than it was which I found to be good but was quite demented on that aspects particularly. The Design is kind of independent and habitually it is associated with the war, and the soldiers’ gunfire theme.

The developers carefully transferred everything to the front players, hand weapons and the destruction of specific enemies for the sake of undermining the insidious plans outrightly. The graphics of the game really has nothing much to shout about it dependently because were the beauty of the game comes from isn’t from the graphical aspect at all not in anyway.


The training mode is were you’d first of play and understand the game activities there you’ll get trained buy the game experts and you’ll be able to perform some other activities to enable you become stronger. the player gets training at Officer Candidate school by a trainer named Sarge. Then in the survival mode is were the player will have to face his robots opponents at the battleground through the help of his master sarge. The multiplayer mode as well all know it involves the fighter fighting with various of other players online using the WiFi network or LAN.

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DOODLE ARMY 2 I’ll be the first to fully admit that I don’t really get what made people so crazy about the original Doodle Army [99¢ / Free]. Regardless, the game spawned one of our most popular threads ever which has nearly 12,000 posts in it as of this writing. Its sequel, Doodle Army 2 [Free] hit the App Store last night, and once again, I still don’t get it.

Doodle Army 2 shoot up

Sure it’s only four players, but the maps seem to be designed so that you’re never really ever hunting for someone to shoot for too long. Doodle Army 2 is free to download, with a single 99¢ in-app purchase unlock which grants access to the full array of weaponry in online play, the ability to customize your avatar, and the removal of the included iAds. As I’ve mentioned with games in the past, I really dig this style of IAP as it gives you the option of either playing the game forever in a (somewhat) limited scope with ads, or you can throw out a buck to unleash the beast. Now that there’s a multiplayer component, it’s probably best to get in early to hone your skills as I have no doubts that Doodle Army 2 will shoot up the charts just like the original… Resulting in a fresh crop of newbies online to slay on a daily basis.


Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 12+ 2D online pvp shooting game Miniclip.com Free Offers In-App Purchases Screenshots Description Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is all about intense multiplayer combat! What’s New Version 5.3.4 – In-game Friends is here! Now you can add players as friends and play custom games together! Ratings and Reviews Problems I’m having I know some people are disappointed by the update that changed everything from how it was before.


In conclusion, the game is fun to play and you can easily get a lot of people to play it with you. It has a nice interface and it’s easy to play.

There are some bugs though. The game is not easy to understand and you need to read the instructions before you play.

doodle army 2 is a fun strategy game that takes you back to the good old days when you used to play on your computer using your mouse to move your troops and attack your enemies.


Can I use the Doodles Army 2 game on my iPod Touch?

Yes, you can use the game on your iPod Touch.

 What are the controls like?

The controls are simple. You have a square to move and a triangle to jump.

How long does it take to finish the game?

The game takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

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